JINJA CITY.  Your Neighborhood.  Your JINJA.
Innovative.  Forward-Thinking.

Effective.  Democrat.

I am running for Woman Member of Parliament (Jinja City) because Jinja needs a voice that is both liberal and reasonable on the floor.  The city needs a new unprejudiced way of approaching the business of the City.

Kyebakutika, Manjeri has done an amazing and productive job for the last four (4) years as Woman MP Jinja City and now with the coming election year, we must pivot our city forward.  The choice is clearly between progressive competent leadership with comprehensive experience and a focus on constituent services or simply more politics.

It’s time we get back to the basics of making the city better.  We need to put the business of the city front and center.  I offer a focused forward-thinking approach to fighting crime with accountability on the part of the Minneapolis Police Department.  I will work on issues like keeping our streets safe and plowed, providing effective city services for neighborhoods and creating smart affordable housing.  In addition the city must renew its focus on policies that it can take to combat global warming.  These are the foundations that make it possible for a city to thrive.

We must continue to build trust between elected officials and the people they serve.  The city council needs to do a better job of serving its customer base – the people of the city.  The people of Ward-7 have the opportunity and the means to live anywhere in the metropolitan area.  Thus we must make the value proposition of living in Minneapolis worth it.

The city council lately has forgotten that its main job is to make the life of its citizens easier and more rewarding and less problematic.  With my business and legal background I can be an innovative, entrepreneurial and steady presence on the city council and that is exactly how I have tackled my business endeavors.  The first vital step is a committed philosophy towards including all stakeholders at the table and a focus back on tangible and positive outcomes for the neighborhoods of Ward-7.

New campaign news will be posted soon.