About Mark

I grew up with a love for Minneapolis less than a mile from its city lakes. The Minneapolis downtown skyline with its unique promise always shimmering close enough to touch.

I have lived in Ward-7 for twenty-five plus years.  These days, I would describe myself as a hard working family man, with my wife Sabrina giving birth this year to a baby boy named Gatsby Globus.  We believe in the City of Minneapolis and we dream of spending our entire lives here.  Currently my days are filled working as the Managing Partner of Global Pointe Senior Living and as a partner in the Hilton Garden Inn Minneapolis Downtown (edge of Ward-7), which is located next to the Minneapolis Convention Center.  I know what it is like to be a businessperson working 24/7, focusing every day on making the business operate in a financially sound way.  Business is a daily battle similar to the political world.  However with a consensus building approach and always listening to all stakeholders it is possible to run a successful business.

I grew up in a family of three (3) boys and my mother Bette Globus Goodman is a recognized artist and freelance photographer.  My father Dr. Gordon Globus was well respected in his field of Psychiatry.  My step-father Herschel Goodman was a respected businessman in the local fabric business (Dell Fabrics).  My early years were spent studying hard, playing varsity football and jogging around Bde Maka Ska. I graduated from the University of Minnesota (Twin Cities)(Honors).  At the University of Minnesota – I was very active in student government and served as an elected Student Senator.  When I attended William Mitchell College of Law, I was also very engaged in law school governance serving as my class representative to the Student Bar Association.

After graduating law school I worked on the business side of the entertainment industry and following that I worked for several years as a corporate attorney.  My next career stage led me to the complex world of commercial real estate and later on I formed my own company Global One Commercial.  Paying attention to some life lessons learned – I found those early days of trying to work through the University of Minnesota’s lumbering bureaucracy back in college, a great training ground for staying on course and creating solutions that work.  In addition my military service in the U.S. Army serving at the rank of Specialist, taught me several additional life lessons.  I trained at Fort Benning, GA where the training is both demanding and disciplined – the culture there instilled in me that it takes a great deal of sacrifice to achieve lasting goals.

Today I am also fortunate enough to have a business in the senior living sector.  In this industry I get to work closely with older adults as the Managing Partner of Global Pointe Senior Living.  Frankly commercial real estate is a complex business and takes significant financial acumen.  To operate a business successfully you must have a great deal of financial expertise, be focused on controlling expenses every single day and understand the capital stack.  You must also possess collaboration skills, creativity and have the mindset to never give up.  Business is about managing many actors at the same time. The different stakeholders in the company, community, neighbors, government and financial interests are not always aligned – so it takes a consensus builder to make business work.

One thing I have learned over the years as a businessperson and attorney is that nothing that is worthwhile is ever easy.  “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work” said one of America’s greatest inventors Thomas Edison.

The City of Minneapolis needs work in many areas and it needs many problems solved. I can bring this discipline and philosophy of problem solving and hard work to the job of Minneapolis City Council.



High School:
St. Louis Park Senior High School

University of Wisconsin – Madison
University of Minnesota – Twin Cities (Honors Graduate)

Law School:
William Mitchell College of Law

Military Service:
Served in U.S. Army – Rank of Specialist.  Trained at Fort Benning (Columbus, GA)

First Job out of Law School:
Agency for the Performing Arts (APA)(Los Angeles, CA)

First Legal Position:
Assistant General Counsel – Simitar Entertainment (Plymouth, MN)

First Commercial Real Estate Job:
Associate – Welsh Companies (Colliers)(Bloomington, MN)

Current Position:
President & Managing Director – Global One Commercial

Largest Development Projects to Date:
Hilton Garden Inn Minneapolis Downtown
Global Pointe Senior Living

Past Political Pursuits:
Ran for Mayor of Minneapolis in 2021