Why Mark



We truly need someone who is both pragmatic and forward-thinking at City Hall. Mark Globus will be the type of city council leader who knows how to get Minneapolis back to being one of the leading progressive cities in America.

Responsive and reliable is what is needed.  The Minneapolis City Council needs someone who understands not just constituent services but who will take a positive approach to all the other issues the city council faces.

Frankly, I learned a great deal about the City of Minneapolis and its governance structure, when I ran for Minneapolis Mayor in 2021.  It was a great learning experience and it provided me with a very well-rounded view on our entire city.  Because of that experience – I think we need a council member who understands the challenges and the economic situations this city is likely to face in the future.

A council member who can execute a vision and marketing plan.  A plan to move Minneapolis into the future.  A future that positions Minneapolis as a “thought leader” on both race and equity and a city fueled by an engine of diverse economic growth.  A city focused on controlling global warming and a climate equity plan that works.

We need public/private partnerships and a joint safety program.  We also need an innovative forward thinking marketing effort – if we are going to make Minneapolis a safe, vital, shining and thriving metropolis once again.

There are a couple of choices in this year’s city council election.  We can elect the old guard party stalwart.  We can elect a candidate with liberal activist credentials.  Alternatively, we can elect a reliable, forward-thinking, problem solver to the position of Minneapolis City Council in Ward-7.  If you want Innovative.  Forward-Thinking.  Effective.  Democrat.  Take a close look at Mark Globus as your next leading voice on the Minneapolis City Council.