Graffiti in many ways has become a significant problem in Minneapolis.  To some graffiti is a form of art and the people behind the spray can are calling on society to notice and acknowledge them.  The problem is that having graffiti everywhere in our city, along our highways, on bridge overpasses, on freeway walls has taken on a life of its own.  The problem as a business owner is spray painted messages in random places send a signal that an area is not valued and regularly cared for or safe.

Thus I think the City Council should institute a large scope policy that incorporates unique areas, buildings and highway walls to be designated for the specific pursuit of both neighborhood art and graffiti.  With this program the act of creating graffiti does not need to be completely eliminated – the people who create it simply need to know where it is accepted.  We can designate these areas in scores of locations across the city and with it create a place for individuals to be heard and where neighborhood art can flourish.  It is no secret how wildly popular the Wynwood Walls/Wynwood District have become in the City of Miami.  If we can harness this neighborhood energy we can create something memorable for our Minneapolis neighborhoods.  At the same time the police and the community can feel that enforcing a no graffiti policy in all other areas of the city is something that can be effective.  We need to give this approach a try in Minneapolis and see the good outcomes and the great art that come out of such a program.