I understand jobs.  In fact I have had the opportunity to create many permanent high paying jobs at our Hilton Garden Inn Minneapolis Downtown hotel near the Minneapolis Convention Center (edge of Ward-7).  Global Pointe Senior Living, where I serve as the Managing Partner has also created scores of permanent jobs with high wages.  The city council needs people who understand job creation and who have some ideas on how to get people back downtown and working.  I also happen to be an expert in office space as Global One Commercial has a brokerage division that has been doing office space deals in downtown Minneapolis for years.  I have worked on numerous office space deals over the years with clients ranging from Sony Music Entertainment to Bombardier Incorporated to The Coca-Cola Company.  I have unique insights in how to bring office building owners and users of space together in partnerships that will actually work.  I have done the homework.  I have done the real world pricing out of conversions from office space and hotel rooms to residential apartments.  I bring a valuable background to the dialogue as we are discussing the future of several of downtown’s vacant office towers.

Now more than ever the City of Minneapolis needs to reposition and sell itself.  I am that person who as part of the city council can close the business deals and make sure that jobs and conventions aren’t going to cities like Milwaukee and Kansas City, especially when Minneapolis presents a much better value proposition.  We need a person on the Minneapolis City Council who isn’t afraid to sell our city.